Lily Marotto

From a young age Lily has had an opportunity to live in various countries, to examine different lifestyles and to get acquainted with a multiplicity of cultures. Her main inspiration is art and the art of living. Lily finds beauty in the way people express themselves through creativity. After living in the “Fashion Capitals of the World” – Paris and London, and spending time in Milan and New York, Lily believes that Fashion is a “Walking Art” – a dynamic interaction of designers’ visions and the choices that we make when selecting our outfits. Lily has worked in Moscow as a brand manager for a number of international brands. This experience has led her to realize that she would love to create her own looks and designs. Right now Lily is focusing on custom-printed fabrics and creating her own line. Taking inspiration from philosophy, mythology and heritage, while making analogies to modern styles. She is participating in international fashion shows, working in collaboration with other fashion designers, and widening her borders as a designer.

New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2018

Los Angeles Fashion Week